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Past Teaching

In an effort to start documenting my teaching practice with a little more regularity, I'm trying to blog about my upcoming teaching and where/when you can find me! While currently I'm mostly teaching at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (while I'm pursuing my MFA here), I will also write about any special workshops I'm offering over the summer, or any guest-teaching opportunities that I have coming up.

While I have taught in a variety of different environments in the past, some of my more recent workshops/classes/endeavors include the following:

- "Be As You Do" workshop co-taught with Nicola Bullock at Ponderosa in Stolzenhagen, Germany

- Int/Adv. Release Technique at the American Dance Festival's Samuel H. Scripps Studios

- Adult Beginners' Modern and Ballet at Ninth St. Dance

- Composition, Technique, Improvisation and Mentoring at Carolina Friends School's Upper School Dance Program

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